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The Vision

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As part of forward integration and diversification, Octavius desires to take-up the following projects:

  • Establish a unit to manufacture instant coffee under the brand name “Octavius” for the international and domestic markets.

  • Setup coffee outlets similar to Barista and Café Coffee day etc in major towns and cities of India.

  • Establish a facility to process abundantly available Honey in the region. Honey is a biological substance and consumed for food and pharmaceutical use needs greater attention in quality and its handling, considering the present practice of collection under concentrated conditions including climatic factors the Honey needs processing and packing at utmost care to protect the valuable natural properties, since Coorg and the neighbouring districts of Hassan and Chikmagalur have also good production of Honey, this project is an utility to our company.

  • Dairy farming and milk processing: In tune with the increased popularity of organic food, we propose to establish dairy forming facilities to produce safe and health milk. We also propose setting up of dairy clusters in 25 km from our facilities which would be operated by the local formers for produce the organic milk and subsequently processing of the same.

  • Establish a floriculture unit for growing Anthurium flowers: The climatic conditions of Coorg supports cultivation of Anthurium flowers and company proposes to establish the facilities for growing the same.

  • Establish fruits and vegetable processing unit: The climatic conditions are suitable for growing oranges and pineapple in the region. The company proposes to encourage linkages for growing fruits and vegetables through contract forming. It would setup facilities for grading, separating and packaging facilities at its facilities in Kushalnagar for meeting the export and domestic market demand.

  • The company proposes to establish a resort at Kushalnagar to offer more than just luxury holidays to enrich and enlighten it guests.

  • The promoters with their vast experience in Agri business will be able to make the above projects a reality.

    * Coffee May Lower Your Risk of Type II Diabetes.
    * Just smelling coffee could make you less stressed.
    * Coffee Can Improve Energy Levels and Make You Smarter

    Octavius Plantations Ltd.