Established in the year 1898, Octavius brings along a legacy of tea production of more than a century. The company owns the finest tea gardens in West Bengal and produces and sources sophisticated quality fine teas to offer tea lovers an exclusive hand-picked selection of premium teas of Indian Origin. Today, Octavius possesses the finest and oldest tea gardens in West Bengal, our teas combine respect for fine tea which is quintessentially a British sentiment with a knack for flavor, an obvious Indian finesse. The founding fathers established Octavius with a noble mission to epitomize the art of drinking gourmet teas and to make available the luxury of pure and unblended, single origin Indian teas, we proudly carry forward the same vision and commitment to fulfil the benchmark in quality and taste through our glorious heritage.

The tea gardens in West Bengal produce sophisticated quality tea with exquisite colour and clean fragrances tasted by experts to serve its worldwide clientele.